March 18, 2015

SPECIAL EDITION ELECTION REPORT: Prime Minister Netanyahu wins the Israeli elections from way down in the polls and now must form an Israeli government.

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The results are in and Prime Minister Netanyahu has won the national elections in Israel and will move to an unprecedented fourth term as Prime Minister. These elections make Netanyahu the longest serving Prime Minister in Israel's history. I say Netanyahu won the elections, but in fact, the Prime Minister's Likud party won more seats than any of the other twenty-five political parties that were running in the Knesset elections. The Knesset is Israel's legislative body. The party with the most Knesset seats will have the first chance to form a coalition government. The Likud party, Netanyahu's political party, received 30 Knesset seats, the largest of all the parties of the national campaign, and must now form a coalition government with a simple majority of 61 seats in the Knesset. Netanyahu will then become the Prime Minister of Israel. Many political pundits were amazed at how Netanyahu came from five seats down, to five seats up and won the national elections in Israel going away.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

If you have a moment, I would love to give you a prophetic perspective on this special election report.  At the Western Wall, where Prime Minister Netanyahu went after his comeback victory in the Israeli elections, the Prime Minister said at this sacred spot that he was awed by the historic significance of a people renewing itself in it's homeland after some 4,000 years. He also said that he was moved by the weight of responsibility that the people of Israel have placed on his shoulders. This statement from a victorious and thankful Prime Minister has a prophetic significance as well as a political component. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote some 2500 years ago that The Lord would regather the Jewish People from the four corners of the Earth, scattered to these four corners some 2000 years ago, and he would bring them back into the land of their forefathers (Ezekiel 37:7).

The bones coming together, then Ezekiel pre-wrote history, when in Ezekiel 37:8, he said "I will put flesh on these bones that have been connected and I will restore the Jewish people to a nation among the nations of the world. These two aspects of a three part prophecy have been fulfilled and the national elections in Israel would have to be tangible evidence of Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Now thats a basis upon which we can rest assured that "yet to be" Bible prophecy will be fulfilled for the Jewish people as well.