June 22, 2017

In order for the European Union to become an empire they need their own military forces, an army

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JD: The upcoming European Union Summit, I understand their going to focus on security and defense. What do you know about?

RC: They’ll be obviously touching on many things. They are talking about security; they’re worried about coordinating the various secure agencies in the EU states to come together and think this through. And also, they’re not only talking about internal security but external security and defense. Rather rapidly now in the last several weeks there have been more and more talk about military defense for the EU and so I’m sure this is part of that as they talk about their new European defense fund that is to use money to really handle research if you will defense research among EU member states. So, there’s a definite direction toward the military. Europe is shifting not so much from NATO as to worrying about their own systems and recognizing they have to start carrying the load.

JD: The reality of what Bible prophecy calls for a one world political operation out of the old Roman Empire and they were militarily very powerful at the time of the original Roman Empire.

RC: Well, I see that’s where its ultimately headed, you’re right. If you look at the history of Rome key to was it’s military forces that in fact that’s how various men rose to power like Julius Caesar and became head of it. Prophetically we except to see some people coming out of the EU moving up to the top and so in terms of an empire it needs a military.  What we’ll see is NATO morph into a European defense force. So, that’s kind of the scenario I see coming.

JD: Rob Congdon with details as to the potential for a European Union army.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The European Union in 60 years has become an economic political power in Europe and around the world. The European Union leaders say they must also have their own military operation.

With the debate concerning NATO the European Union leaders say they must have a European Union military force, and army of its own. This EU agenda actually fits the end times scenario found in Bible prophecy. Daniel chapter 7 calls for a revival of the old Roman Empire, that’s Daniel 7:7 & 8 and verses 23 & 24. Remember the old Roman Empire had a strong global military force that was lead by General Titus the son of the Roman Emperor. European Union efforts to set up their own army is setting the stage for Bible to be fulfilled.