January 08, 2016

The Jewish state of Israel is making preparations as the war clouds gather

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Syria at Israel's Northern border is making preparations to enter the Golan Heights which could break into an all out war in the Middle East. David Dolan, our journalist who covers the Middle East, has the latest information on this story.

David Dolan: Basically what you have is one of the world's ten most militarized countries on earth is Syria. Experts believe either the second or third, some say fourth but one of the top five chemical weapons programs on earth. They have more chemical weapons in Syria than China has or Russia has according to the experts so this is very significant. And they have massive missile capability, Soviet built SS-21 missiles, I have mentioned those before on your program, multiple warhead missiles that one rocket delivers six different warheads to six different locations.

They have hundreds of those. They have the latest scud missiles. They have anti-aircraft systems that are very sophisticated. We don't even know but they could even have nuclear capability. The regime was building a nuclear reactor as you'll recall Israel bombed that in 2007, September and destroyed it, North Koreans were involved. This is a major military power in Syria and these Sunni Muslim forces from not just Syria but from all over the region, Al Qaeda involved and other very unsavory elements involved in the opposition fight and the regime which is certainly no lover of Israel. It is a very serious situation and the Israelis are following it day by day taking reactions as they must.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Syria at Israel's Northern border is a threat to peace in the Middle East and does set the stage for a possible regional war to break out which is in alignment with Bible prophecy for the end times.

Daniel 11:40-43 tells us of nations that will gather as a part of a coalition to go against the Jewish state of Israel. In Daniel 11:40 it refers to the King of the North and early on in chapter 11, the King of the North is defined as the geographical location of Syria. This civil war that has been going on in Syria for the last couple of years is actually setting the stage for this prophecy to be fulfilled.

Remember Isaiah 17 says that Damascus will be destroyed at the same time Daniel 11 will be fulfilled as well. Bashar Assad said the other day, "Destroy Damascus and I will still win".

This brash statement by Bashar Assad is indeed setting the stage in the Middle East for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.