September 11, 2017

Syria and Egypt are arming their militaries with chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction

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JD: Ken, what do we know about the United Nations report that Syria used chemical weapons more than two dozen times when we thought it was just possibly that once? But they have been violating international law with these chemical weapons against their own people.

KT: Well they have been and what’s interesting here is that the United Nations has a special investigated comity set up to look at chemical weapons use in the Syrian conflict. They have people on the ground and they detect people on the ground they try to interview eyewitness’s people who have been there. And that’s where they came out with this number of over two dozen attacks using chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict most of which they believe were carried out by regime but not all of them.

So, here’s the irony is that the chemical weapons have leaked probably from Saddam Hussein arsenal that’s when the media said it didn’t exist. Guess what yes there were and many of them transferred to the Syrian government and from there they have leaked the opposition or the opposition got them through the Abbas party Jihadi networks that have since morphed into ISIS. The ISIS remember was created by this marriage of Jihadi Moslem groups left over from Al-Qaeda and Abbas party may behind networks of Saddam Hussein who had access to his secret chemical weapon stashes.

JD: Egypt and Russia finalizing their nuclear power plant deal. Looks like the long arm of Russia reaching now into Egypt to make them a nuclear possibility power base as well.  

KT: Whenever there is a power vacuum and created by Barak Obama during his administration in the Middle East stepped away from Egypt, stepped away from other traditional allies the Russian's are just leaping into it, Iranian's are as well. This is another example of that. We essentially abandoned a great ally in Egypt and the Russian's are stepping in to take our place. 

JD: Ken Timmerman at this broadcast table with information about how Syria and Egypt are arming themselves with chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For over five years Russia has been working with Syria and Egypt to arm their militaries with both chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. These political moves setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In Daniel 11:40-44 the prophet lays out the prophetic scenario for the end of times. This passage speaks of the kings of the north and the south. The king of the north geographically would be Syria and the king of the south geographically would be Egypt. Both of these nations Syria and Egypt preparing to try and destroy the Jewish State of Israel.