December 05, 2017

A United Nations vote in 1947 was part of a plan to allow for a Jewish state in the Middle East, but also to take Jerusalem away from the Jewish people

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WM: First of all let’s recall it was a Balfour Declaration and in 1922 the League of Nations said Palestine goes to Britain to develop a mandate system so that the Jews could have a Jewish national home. And then this partisan idea that we can now re-divide in some way the western portion of Palestine became a fixture. And after World War II when once again the question of Palestine came to the floor for two main reasons. Number one the horrific results of the Holocaust and there was an armed resistance movement here in the mandate area and they turned to the United Nations. And here we are November 29, 1947 the United Nation decides to create an Arab state and a Jewish state and an international regime in Jerusalem dividing up the country not into two but actually three sections for the future.

JD: Wow, I didn’t realize that. What were the three sections? I understand the Palestinians one section, for the Jews one. Who was for the third?

WM: The British. The British wanted to maintain continued rule over an enlarged Jerusalem extending from South Ramallah and including Bethlehem. And they did so Jimmy and I’m now speaking to a mainly Christian audience because they extended the borders in order to include as many Christians as possible because they wanted to offset the Jewish majority which was in the city of Jerusalem in order to give them a justification for taking Jerusalem away from the Jews.

JD: Winkie Medad with the United Nations action back in 1947 when they promised a Jewish state but put in place a plan to take Jerusalem from the Jews.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The United Nations hoodwinked the Jewish people in 1947 with the patrician plan. This United Nations resolution allowed a Jewish state but at the same time put in place a plan to take Jerusalem away from the Jewish people.

This slight of hand trick at the United Nations mislead the Jewish people but it also contradicted God himself. In Psalm 132:13&14 the Lord says that he has chosen Jerusalem to dwell among his people forever. The ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah also said that Jerusalem would be the center of controversy in the last days, that’s Zechariah 12:2.

Both of these prophecies are now ready to be fulfilled.