October 02, 2020

A book review of Jonathon Cahn's latest book will reveal Biblical problems

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JD: I do want to get to Jonathon Cahn's newest book David and how it fits into what he has written over the years.

DJ: It's title again is the Harbinger Two with the subtitle the Return. It builds on its first book The Harbinger which had the subtitle The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret to America's Future. It's Cahn's seventh book since 2012. The Harbinger Two is a novel like the first book and also like the first book Cahn says this, "what you are about to read will take the form of a story but what is revealed in the story is real". And the underline premise that America is in a covenant relationship with God like national Israel because of vows made by some Founding Fathers. So Old Testament prophecy and promises of blessings to ancient Israel are also applicable to the United States in what I call parallel theology as appose to replacement theology. So the warnings of judgment by the prophets starting with Moses also apply to the United States according to Cahn. And with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 they're now being fulfilled according to what he describes as a Biblical template which he says was a fulfillment of Isaiah 9:10. 

JD: Well David from a Biblical prospective how would you respond to all of this, to Cahn's theories? 

DJ: Well first of all I would say I'm not at all against pause for prayer and repentance. America certainly needs the spiritual awakening and a revival. Because America is in serious trouble and everyday it feels like evil is gaining the upper hand and this is only intensified during this election year. The stakes are high for believers in this country and around the world. But Cahn's theories and this movement are built on an unbiblical foundation. Vows made by some Founding Fathers did not create a covenant relationship with God such that prophecies and promises of judgment and blessing made to Israel alone apply to America. And in order to convince people that his revelations of these mysteries were supposedly downloaded by God into his mind. Cahn grossly mishandles the word of God, misrepresents historical facts. He's not a prophet but unfortunately like QAnon there's enough truth and interesting coincidences to draw people in.

JD: David James explaining why the latest book from Jonathon Cahn is filled with Biblical problems. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

When I say the latest Cahn book is filled with Biblical problems I mean that the way the author perverts Biblical passages in his book do not fit into the proper method of Bible study and or interpretation. To know God's message in any and all passages of scripture the rules of interpretation must be followed or we miss God's message.