November 13, 2017

President Trump's Asian Tour is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled

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JD: First stop in Japan with your knowledge of that region of the world is Japan ready to fight along side the United States against North Korea if need be?

BM: Well certainly the moves by Prime Minister Abe suggest that they would but they’re moving in the direction to being a more viable partner in a variety of areas. We’ll see whether or not they do that. We’ve equipped the South Koreans with fad and patriots as well and they have a similar capability. I suppose the pressure will have to continue to increase before these countries make that rather dramatic move.

JD: Well you mentioned South Korea as a key stop for the President. Is South Korea on the same page with the United States?

BM: Well they certainly disfavor the aggression shown by Pin Yang and Kim Jong-un and they have allowed an increase in the number of anti-ballistic missiles and the number of exercises. They’ve asked for a return of American nuclear devices weapons to South Korea. So, I would argue they are.

Now keep in mind when President Trump spoke the other day to the National assembly and I’m quoting him he said, do not under estimate us and do not try us. And the message was targeted to Pin Yang. And of course that was a South Korean audience of lawmakers that were listening and he promised that together we will face them down and defeat them. I do believe that he is going in the right direction at least as of now we’ll see if that continues.

JD: Probably the most important stop was to China. 

BM: Every indication is that China was going to crumble economically because it was over extended. That is yet to happen. They’re showing every indication of a global power something that I think that we had better pay close attention to.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with the details behind the Trump Asian Tour.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let me remind you that God did set Human Government in place to direct human kind on this earth, that’s Genesis 9:6 and Romans 13:1.

As Presidents make political decisions we see the stage being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. The Trump Asian Tour is doing exactly that, setting the stage for Revelation 16:12 to be fulfilled. That prophetic passage comes to pass at the end of the tribulation period the last six months of that seven years of judgment when the kings of the East: Japan, South Korea, and China make there way to Jerusalem to join with Satan to try and stop the return of Jesus Christ.