July 24, 2020

The advertisement on the Fox News Channel, "Bedtime Bible Stories", may be dangerous

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JD: I'm guessing that many of our listeners David have seen the Bedtime Bible Stories from Pray.com that is being advertised on Fox News in the evenings. I thought it would be good for us to get involved in discussing this particular issue, so start us off.

DJ: As I was doing the research I was actually surprised at how long Pray.com has been up and running because its only been in the last few months that these ads started catching my attention. So for any of our listeners that haven't seen those ads or heard the radio ads we'll play a clip of one of those main ads.

Playing ad

DJ: One thing that's interesting and actually a bit suspect to be honest is if you go to the Pray.com website there's no place to find out anything about them and there's no about section and no way to contact them.

JD: I can see how people really could get pulled into this situation just as they do so many other things that are real problems spiritually. What advise can you give us for learning how to exercise good discernment?

DJ: Well this may not sound spiritual but I would say it is and that's listen to your instincts because we're promised wisdom from the Holy Spirit. If something sounds suspicious and if there are red flags there is probably a reason so you need to dig deeper. Our listeners need to do what I do every week search the internet. The amount of information that's available is amazing. So there are a lot of resources out there and a good number of people doing the researching. And of course you need to use the discernment as well because there are a lot of conspiracy theories and bad information. Another thing is to be careful about gimmicks and sensationalism that people use to just make a quick buck or get their 15 minutes of fame. Finally and most importantly know the word of God well and study it regularly and carefully and take it seriously.

JD: David James, Bible in hand with a report of the potential danger of the Bedtime Bible Stories advertised on the Fox News channel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In the Olivet Discourse Matthew 24 Jesus stated that the first sign of His second coming not the Rapture but His return to the Earth will be deception, that's Matthew 24:4, 5, 11, 24. Deception is prevalent in our world today as David explained even in bedtime Bible stories. This is evidence that Bible prophecy is at the point of fulfillment.