March 05, 2020

The world financial situation is key to the end times scenario that is found in Bible prophecy

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JD: The stock market has lost about 2,000 points. Explain it to a layman how that does take place.

RM: Mostly what we're seeing especially this past week is uncertainty and fear. And those are two things the market always reacts rather violently to. This stock market is seeing three 1,000 points in the past few days. So there's definitely people on edge.

JD: What about the Coronavirus what part is it playing in this economic situation not only here in America but actually across the world?

RM: There are several market annalist that I follow that are starting to think there's more than just a virus going on here. One particular annalist who said that he believed that the market is looking at a 50% chance of the Socialist coming into the Democratic nomination which is causing a lot of fear on top of the virus.

JD: And what about China's economic power? Since they're the major supply line is that going to have an effect on the economies of the world?

RM: It will. You know China is a major manufacture of everything from clothing to microchip to prescription drugs. A disruption in that supply chain will cause corporate earning to drop; the future earnings will be effected. The big thing to watch here is the Federal Reserve. Another thing to watch is that the stock market often prices in worse case scenarios. At some point will be over sold and rallies can happen at a time and often when people least expect them. The most important thing Jimmy is that a diversified balanced portfolio made of quality stocks-bonds and alternative investments will protect investors. You know I would like to borrow from the book of Ester and say for such a time is this.

JD: That's R.C. Morro a new broadcaster partner for us here on Prophecy Today with details on how the world's economic situation is key to the understanding of God's plan for the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

R.C. said that the falls in the US stock market are driven by fear. And then he also mentioned that the fear may be of the Coronavirus. That may well be the case but remember that though the Coronavirus is dangerous we've had over 50,000 deaths here in America due to the Flu this last year.

I actually believe that the financial situation in this world today is a precursor to the prophetic truth of the appearance of Antichrist who will lead a one world economic, political, governmental system in Babylon. And I mean literal Babylon, that's foretold in Revelation 18 and it will come to pass.