December 09, 2020

Many world leaders fear a space war in the near future, and at the same time, the Bible predicts that space war will happen

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JD: The possibility of war in space. President Trump has put together his US space force and other nations across the entire world are doing the exact same thing. When you talk about that Don it brings to my mind a question of the possibility of war in space. Now this would be a major problem if it were to take place. Do you not think this would just destroy all the scientific and technological exploration in space if they started fighting in the area we know as space today? 

DD: Well yes Jimmy it would certainly change things. Might remind ourselves that military activity is going on in space and has been for some years. We have spy satellites, we have surveillance satellites. It would become dangerous if we would start to attack each others satellites. That's the main area, you know those are vulnerable. If you go after those things you could quickly shutdown a country's economy, their whole finance system. Yes, there's potential for great shake ups on the earth below.

JD: However, I am now thinking about the book of Revelation 12:7-17 where it does talk about a war in space. That's when the archangel Michael who is the commander and chief of the good angels and then Satan who is the commander and chief of the evil angels. They're going to have a battle, a war in space and Satan and his evil angels will be thrown down to the earth.

DD: Well yes Jimmy those kinds of spiritual battles are in the future and in the end times. This kind of war fair between angels we're not sure just what kind of weaponry is involved whether it be something we're familiar with or something on a whole different level. Certainly that's a time when the earth is shaken. The outcome is the Lord's army wins but this spiritual type battle in the heavens will certainly be a drastic time.

JD: Don DeYoung with the details on space wars now and in the near future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Astronomer Dr. Don DeYoung came to explain the potential for space wars between nations of this world and the prophetic space war as foretold in Revelation 12:7-17. It's only speculation about the space wars between nations but its absolute about the heavenly angelical war to happen in the Tribulation period. That battle will set the stage for God's plan to be fulfilled.