January 07, 2019

As the United States pulls its military forces out of Syria, that vacancy will be filled with Arab military forces

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JD: President Trump has said he is going to pull out the US troops there in Syria. It looks like he’s phasing in the Arab forces into Syria to take on whatever may be going on with Iran and their continual build up there in Syria after US forces leave. What do we know about that?

KT: Well Jimmy this is the biggest development this week. This is the most significant thing in my view that’s happened in that region. As the United States phases its troops out of Syria and it’s only like 2,000 troops in Syria, they will be replaced by troops from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. This is a significant development. If you have Egypt which is stead vastly against Muslim brotherhood on the ground militarily present taking our place as it were in Syria that I think is going to really put a check on the Turkish desire to invade that part of Northern Syria, to eradicate the Kurds and to support their Muslim brother allies.

President Trump gets it. He understands that this part of the world is important for our security. But his point is why should we be the ones on the front lines. Why shouldn’t our allies in the region be playing that frontline role. That’s what he’s done here is to convince the Egyptians and the Emirates to play that frontline role. When they actually show up and there’s troops on the ground I’d like to see how many democrats give him credit for convincing our allies in the region to step up to the plate and be the ones on the frontline.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on Arab forces filling the vacancy left by the United States forces in Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The very significant move by the United States to replace US military forces with Arab military forces is a strategic move in the Middle East. But also it is a page out of the playbook for the ends time scenario that is found in the Bible. The ancient Jewish prophets Daniel, Ezekiel and King David foretold of an alignment of Middle Eastern nations that would be led by Russia that will move to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. With more Arab military forces moving into Syria that scenario is coming better into focus. Daniel 11:40 says that Syria makes the first move against Israel. Russia and the Islamic players are now perched in Syria for that prophecy to be fulfilled.