August 27, 2013

The Egyptian military has shut down the Muslim Brotherhood but these radical Islamists have started to attack churches in retaliation

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The strong arm of the Egyptian military has pretty much shut down the Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo, but these radical Islamists have now focused their attacks on the Coptic Christians and their churches in Egypt. With more on that story, here's Prophecy Today broadcast partner Ken Timmerman.

Ken Timmerman: The Muslim Brotherhood's ideology is based on a hatred, a contempt, and an assault on all who are not Muslim. First, they turn against bad Muslims and then they turn against the Jews and the Christians and they blame others for their failures to lead or their failures to bring prosperity to their countries. The assault on Christian churches and on the Coptic Christian community in Egypt is absolutely mind boggling.

Hundreds if not thousands of Christians have been murdered. Mass graves have been discovered near Alexandria up on the coast of the Mediterranean where Coptic Christians have been found bound and tortured to death. Some of these very recently, the deaths are very recent. Some of them the deaths go back to a year or more. So, you you see that this is part of a concerted policy of the Muslim Brotherhood to target Christians, to drive Christians out of Egypt, and to reclaim Egypt as so-called Muslim land and this is the deep dark underside of this so-called Arab Spring is the expulsion of Christians from the Middle East.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt are only the precursor to future attacks across the Middle East according to Bible prophecy.

What is happening to Coptic Christians and churches in Egypt is actually only the tip of the iceberg as it relates to attacks and even martyrdom of Christians in the Middle East and in fact around the world.

The untold story in the Middle East is how Christians are being persecuted. Christians are being killed and their churches burned down in many of the different Muslim nations across the Middle East. Revelation 6:9-11 reveals how believers in Christ will be killed during the seven year period of time referred to as the Tribulation. Revelation 7:9 says a multitude that no man could number will be saved during that time and many of these Tribulation saints will in fact be killed.

What's happening to Christians in Egypt and the Middle East as I said is only a precursor to the events of the future. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.