February 28, 2018

If transgenders are allowed to serve in the US military there is no evidence as to how they would contribute to the readiness of the US military

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JD: Talk to us first of all what about the Secretary of Defense and has Jim Mattis made a decision and made it public yet?

BM: It would appear as if there’s been a review board that has not been released and that Mr. Mattis has seen it and the report has gone to the White House. And what he would appear to recommend if the reports are correct is that Mr. Mattis is supporting the continuation of service by transgenders. Now of course these are people that are diagnosed with a gender dysphoria. Now basically they believe that they’re of the other gender there DNA deniers is what I like to call them.

It’s a problem for the US military for a number of reasons. One it is an expense. Some people have gone in and had a surgical procedure and then once they’ve gone through the surgical procedure they have to for the balance of their life go through hormonal treatments because they have to continue to confuse their biology as to what they really are. Now then that’s just part of it.

The other part is the readiness issue. Of course being one of the authors of Don’t Ask Don’t tell back in 1993 I told Congress that this was a political agenda by the left by the radical homosexual community that one they wanted so called homosexual marriage they wanted so called moral equivalency with heterosexuality and of course they wanted things like transgender people to be able to serve along with homosexual lesbian homosexual gay men in the like bisexuals. But there’s not evidence as to how they would contribute to the readiness, which is the ludicrous argument that I’m hearing from the Mattis people. 

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis with thoughts on the capability of transgenders who might serve in the United States military.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The questions of homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders serving in the US military is one that the Secretary of Defense is working through right now knowing that the President is awaiting his recommendation. This decision will most likely split our nation as to whose side is correct. However a look at the Bible has a direct answer. Romans chapter 1 reveals that sodomites are condemned for their sexual activity. The sodomite is not condemned but sodomy the sexual perversion is condemned.

Our world today is confused about this issue because of a failure to approach God’s word for the answer. In fact, that’s what Jesus said in Luke 17:28-30. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.