June 11, 2020

America's National Debt and hyper-inflation could bring the anti-christ to our world

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JD: The old phrase has been used, "it'll take a will-barrel full of money to be able to buy a loaf of bread". Is that what we're talking about hyper inflation?

RM: After World War I Germany's hyper inflation was so sever that the nation was wide open for a strong man leader to ride in on a white horse and save the day. Germany's debt was so crushing it took 92 years to pay it off.

JD: And I understand that with the situation economically there in Germany right at the end of World War I. We're talking about a situation that brought forth a man named Adolf Hitler. I read what Winston Churchill had to say about Hitler. He made the statement you either have a savior who brings you out of this economic chaos or you're going to have a tyrant.

RM: Germany was in such dire straights they were open for anyone to come in that had a plan. Anyone that had an idea and how they could get the country back on its feet and become an economic power again. Certainly that led to Hitlers rise which is absolutely parallel to Revelation 5 & 6.

JD: That prophetic parallel there in Revelation 6:5 & 6 seems to be exactly what we're talking about and that would be of course happening in the Tribulation period. Talk to me about the fact that at the end of World War I this type of economic situation turned to Hitler for the salvation from this economic chaos that was happening in their part of the world. Now when we talking about hyper inflation measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley for a penny in the Tribulation period that comes after the Rapture of the church this economic situation is certainly setting up for the anti-christ to come on the scene.

RM: I think what we see with this type of hyper inflation we see it actually in Venezuela today. We have a form of hyper inflation going on there as the country's currency fell apart. So we have a real life example of what it looks like right now, going on in the world right now.

JD: Ron Morro with the details behind how America's national debt and hyper inflation could bring the anti-christ on the scene.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

If we couple Ron's report with the prophetic passage found in Revelation 6:5 & 6 we can recognize the time for the appearance of anti-christ. The text says a measure of wheat for a penny. That's enough food for a family of four for one day and it would cost a penny. A penny in that day was a days wages in John the Revelator's day. This is a perfect definition of hyper inflation that which will set the stage for the anti-christ.