December 13, 2012

Noah's Ark is up and operating, not in Mount Ararat but the Netherlands

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After a twenty-year quest to build a full-scale functioning model of Noah's Ark, an undertaking of what some call Biblical proportions, a Dutchman, Johan Huibers has finished his lifelong project and the Ark towers across the Dutch landscape.

Huibers, a Christian, used the Biblical book of Genesis 6-9 as his inspiration following the instructions that God gave Noah right down to the last cubit.

Huibers said that his motivation for building Noah's Ark was religious, he wants to make people think and ask questions so they will have to go looking for answers and ultimately find salvation and eternal life in God.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Noah's Ark has been built and is on display not on Mount Ararat but in the Netherlands and it is a testimony to Biblical history as well as Biblical prophecy.

Johan Huibers, a builder by trade, started twenty years ago to build Noah's Ark, a full-scale model of what Biblical Noah built 4500 years ago. Huibers has finished his project and now in the Dutch lowlands, Noah's Ark is a testimony of one Christian's desire to reach out to the world with Biblical truth. Huibers' model of Noah's Ark can float and its builder is considering sailing this sea craft around Europe and even possibly a transatlantic cruise to America. This project is a testimony to the historic Biblical account found in Genesis 6-9 and was the building plan for the project. This full-scale model of Noah's Ark is tangible evidence that there was a way to build a ship that could contain the animals on earth, each kind of animal, and save them from the worldwide Flood of Noah's day 4500 years ago.

In addition to its historic significance, Noah's Ark has a prophetic significance as well. Jesus, in His Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, spoke of the Days of Noah and he referred to His second coming which would be similar to the times of Noah. We do not have the time to explain all that statement means, but for sure it speaks of a time of sexual immorality, disregard for the things of God, and failure to repent even in the face of coming judgment.

A model of Noah's Ark should cause all of us to understand these words of Jesus and realize that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.