March 28, 2017

Iran has vowed to liberate the Golan Heights in Israel

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JD: What about Iran? They’re in Syria, major player along with Russia and Bashar Assad’s military, but Iran has manipulated itself into just north of Israel there in the Golan Heights north of the border. They’re saying they want to liberate the Golan Heights, this could really break into a full all out Middle Eastern war, could it not?

KT: The Iranian’s need to be cautious and I tend to think they will be. They have been warned several times by Israel of getting to close to the Golan Heights which as most of our listeners I’m sure are aware is divided up on the Heights between Syria and Israel and the Israeli’s occupy a portion of it. So, Syria and Arabic countries are not able to put artillery up there and bombard the Galilee down below.

The Israeli’s have already hit Hezbollah fighters and killed an Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s General up on the Golan Heights. After they had surveillance information showing that were transferring weapons to Hezbollah that would perhaps go to other fighters either inside Israel or in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli’s clearly have their eye on the Golan Heights and should the Iranian Regime actually move forward with this so-called Golan liberation brigade my guess Jimmy is that they will get whacked pretty hard by the Israel Defense Forces.

JD: Ken Timmerman in the catbird seat in Washington with details on the Iranian move to liberate the Israel side of the Golan Heights.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Golan Heights has been in the hands of the Jewish people for over 3,500 years. When Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land God directed Joshua to give the Golan Heights, or referred to in the Bible as Bashan, to give the Golan Heights to half of the tribe of Manasseh, that’s Joshua 13:29 & 30.

Syria’s President Bashar Assad disagrees with the scripture as to the ownership of the Golan Heights. Assad has made a commitment that he will regain the Golan Heights either through diplomacy or through military might. Assad’s father the late Hafez al-Assad actually lost the Golan Heights to Israel in 1967 in the Six-day war. The Assad family wants the Golan Heights back. Daniel 11:40 reveals that Assad’s Syria will indeed try to take back the Golan Heights. However, Syria will lose and this happens at the same time that Damascus is destroyed and that is foretold in Isaiah chapter 17. The stage is set for these Prophecies to be fulfilled.