May 06, 2014

On this Independence Day for the Jewish state of Israel they celebrate their 66th birthday which gives us evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled

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With a large fireworks display and messages from both the Prime Minister and the President, the Israelis will today, Independence Day in Israel, go to the national parks, go to the museums and have a day of celebration for this 66th birthday of the Jewish state referred to as a miracle.

Never in the history of this world has a people dispersed to the four corners of the earth been able to return and establish themselves once again in a state among the many nations of this world.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The Jewish people in the homeland of their forefathers as a nation among the nations of the world is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy has been and will be fulfilled in the future.

Jewish people over the last 100 years have made their way back into the homeland of their forefathers. These Jews from nations of the world have gathered together because they believe God has given them a piece of real estate and He has promised them they would be a nation forever, thus they have established the Jewish state of Israel.

There are those who doubt this is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy but when one looks at Ezekiel 37:7-11 it indicates that this apocalyptic passage of Scripture is talking about bones coming together, the flesh on the bones and the breathe of life being breathed into them. Ezekiel 37:11 says that the bones are the whole house of Israel and indeed the bones coming together would refer to the regathering of the Jewish people with the flesh on the bones the restoration of the Jewish state and in fact Ezekiel 34 says 18 times that the Lord says I will, I will find my people wherever they have been scattered, I will gather them into the land of their forefathers, I will feed them like a good shepherd feeds his flock in the land.

The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel also reminded us that in chapter 36 God promised to give the Jewish people the land of their forefathers and in fact He said it would be better than it was in the days of their forefathers. Now, He said that he would do this, give this land, bring the Jewish people from all over the world into the land He had promised them not because of Israel and Judah, but because when He could swear by nothing greater, He swore by His name that He would do exactly what we are witnessing with the 66th birthday of the Jewish people in the land that God promised to give the Jewish people. Those are the promises of God. These prophecies being fulfilled today are evidence to the entire world that indeed God's Word is absolute when it comes to Bible prophecy or prewritten history, that which will happen in the future.

As we watch the Jewish people celebrate their 66th birthday as a nation among the nations of the world, it is tangible evidence that Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.