November 21, 2017

Israel's treaty with Egypt is on shaky ground; therefore, someone must step up to strengthen this peace agreement

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JD: On the 19th of November in 1977 Menachem Begin welcomed Anwar Sadat who was the President of Egypt into Israel and the Egyptian President addressed the Israeli Knesset. It was a history making event 40 years ago but in reality as we look at the end results of that visit the Camp David Accords a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt its not doing to well and the future is pretty much uncertain is it not?

DD: It is the peace between Israel and Egypt has been cool at best. One of the things it provided for the treaty was for tourism to be open between both countries but very very few Egyptians a part from some business people mostly have come to Israel. There’s still a feeling amongst the Moslems that they can’t go there because the Jews are occupying the holy sites of the Moslems and of course most Egyptians are Moslems.

Of course it went through the strain of the Arab spring too that was the greatest test of the relationship between Israel and Egypt because of course that ended up with the Moslem brotherhood taking over Egypt for a couple of years until ousted by the military. It’s improving now again Jimmy but its been a rocky road still today there’s limited tourism to the Sinai from Israel. Essentially a war zone now with ISIS there and other groups fighting the Egyptian forces. So, its not a very attractive place for tourism.

JD: David Dolan with the details behind the uncertainty of the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Camp David Accords, the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is the first peace treaty that Israel made with one of its enemies. This agreement as David mentioned in his report is on shaky ground today. It’s a treaty that has never been normalized.

Bible prophecy foretells of a treaty in the future between Israel and her neighbors. Many teach that the antichrist will sign a treaty between the nations of the Middle East including Israel. The Bible never mentions the antichrist signing a peace treaty. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel wrote that the antichrist would confirm such a treaty, that’s Daniel 9:27. The text actually says that the antichrist will confirm that covenant or treaty. The word confirm in the passage is gabar in Hebrew which means to strengthen or confirm. Therefore the Israeli-Egyptian treaty on the table not working is waiting for someone the antichrist to step up and confirm the treaty.