September 23, 2020

The Palestinian leadership is furious about the Abraham Accords but at the same time the Palestinian man in the street is not as upset

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JD: September 13th the Anniversary of the Oslo Accords which are basically dead in the water. However, Mahmoud Abbas President of the Palestinian Authority said it was a black day for the Palestinians and they are warning of a third anti-Fatah which could be an all out war against the Jewish State of Israel; your comments?

DD: Bluster is all I can say Jimmy because the PA and Hamas and Islamic Jihad all called for major demonstrations on last Tuesday when the Peace Accords were signed. Instead just a few hundred people came out in Ramallah, in Bethlehem, in the Gaza Strip to shout a few slogans and do a few things and then they went home. So the most action we saw was over 12 rockers being fired into southern Israel. Ashkelon toward the Iron Dome intercepted 8 of those but there was some damage. That was the official reaction but the people didn't get that rilled up. I think again UAE big deal Bahrain long ways away. It doesn't negatively affect their lives.

I don't think the PA leadership as much as it may try is going to be able to stir up another uprising. Now had Israel annexed thirty percent of Judea and Samaria as we all were expecting before now even then I think we would have seen major street unrest. We would have seen a huge upturn in terrorism and none of that so far has happened after these accords have been signed. We can only pray that will remain the case and that the rocket fire will be ceased. 

JD: David Dolan's report on the very angry Palestinian leadership over the Abraham Accords while the Palestinians body politic is not as much upset. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God's prophetic word speaks of the Palestinian people today as the Edomites of Biblical times, that's Genesis 25:22-34 and Genesis 36:1. As you trace Esau, Edom through the pages of scripture in Ezekiel 35 you find out that the Palestinian people will rise up and kill the Jews and then steal their land. Malachi 1 says that they will return to Israel to rebuild however God will call their borders the borders of wickedness. The little book of Obadiah says that the Palestinians will be destroyed forever as if they had never been at the return of the Messiah. That's the last chapter on the Palestinian people of today.