October 25, 2017

The Roman Catholic Church will be the infrastructure for the False Church as foretold in Revelation 17

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JD: As we think about the end times which we do of course on this broadcast and the events leading up that are foretold in Bible prophecy and the word of God. Do you think that Roman Catholicism fits into this prophetic scenario?

DJ: Well we do know this, we know in the first half of the tribulation period before the antichrist goes into the Temple to declare himself to be God he’s going to setup a false Christianity and he’s going to oversee that false religious system. I think it’s going to necessarily be bigger than the Catholic Church itself and so of course many people over the years have thought the Pope might be the antichrist. I think prophetically that’s not possible that he will come up as a political leader.

But I think it is possible that given that the Catholic Church makes up 1 billion of the world’s population certainly it has to have a role in it. If you go to Revelation chapter 17 where it talks about the harlot on the beast and the mystery Babylon there are so many what seemed to be historical parallels. John is obviously looking forward but us looking back at John’s prophecies and visions there seemed to be some connection there. And then you combined with the actions of John Paul the second, Pope Francis toward conciliation toward merging of evangelism and I would say the charismatic movement along with Catholicism, all of this, is setting the stage for what some have called the super religion or the one world religion that will be present during the first half of the tribulation period.

JD: David James with a Biblical understanding of the present day Roman Catholic Church and how it fits Revelation chapter 17.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Many people have asked me if the Catholic Church in Rome is the false church as foretold in Revelation chapter 17. Let me quickly remind you that the words Catholic Church are not found in this prophetic passage. However, Revelation 17 does give us a description of the world wide false church that will be in Rome. It will be a mother son cult and it seems to be describing the false church of Revelation chapter 17. For example, the false church is a mother son cult dating back to the book of Genesis 11:4.

This church will be headquartered in a seven-hilled city and that is the city of Rome as we’ve already mentioned. And the beast mentioned eight times in the passage is the antichrist who will rule this false church. Revelation 17 may well be describing the Roman Catholic Church whether or not that is the case there will be a pseudo church in Rome during the tribulation period whoever that may be.