May 04, 2021

A Palestinian leader calls for a Palestinian flag to fly over the Temple Mount

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JD: Talk to me about the escalation of violence there in Jerusalem. So you're saying that could lead to war, maybe a third anti-Fatah?

DD: Well yes and you know you can't probably use the term war in the standard since but very intense times. Daily killings, daily terror attacks and all sorts of things. So it is definitely a terror war. If indeed the Palestinian leadership wants that and pushes for that then it will probably happen. They're ready to go it looks like and there's a lot of young Jews that are willing to fight back against that so the clashes have been pretty intense. 

With the rocket fire we now have a Hamas state basically in Gaza which didn't exist in the year 2000 or in 1989 the first uprising so it would be all the worst this time. The Israeli's are preparing for this eventually. And of course also right now we have Iran in the background pushing all of this and arming its forces all over the region. So it could well spark a regional war itself.

JD: I understand David that an Arab member of the Knesset was caught promoting the anti-Fatah and calling for the Palestinian flag to fly over the Temple Mount. That would really insight things would it not?

DD: Well yes and it shows that the support for a new uprising is fairly broad, fairly wide spread. Again the older Palestinians remember the earlier uprisings and how awful they became for everybody basically, how much blood flowed and then in the end nothing really changed on the ground. Periodically they get that bug in them and Jerusalem is of course the things that sets the entire Muslim world alight. The push is on and again all the top leadership making the statements and Palestinian television repeating these fiery statements and it looks like we're going to have a very hot summer.

JD: David Dolan explaining how a Palestinian anti-Fatah, a public uprising could break out in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan's reporting from Jerusalem for a 30 year period of time is information that has helped each of us to recognize an end of times scenario in Jerusalem today. Flying a Palestinian flag over Judaism's holiest site the Temple Mount would insight an all out war on the Israeli capitol city. Ezekiel 35 states that the Palestinians will kill the Jews and steal their land. That is what an anti-Fatah is all about, happening today in Jerusalem.