September 19, 2018

Jews in Jerusalem and Around the World Stop for a 24 Hour Fast on Yom Kippur

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JD: Yom Kippur is Judaism’s holiest day. A day that is different now as compared to Biblical times. Steve Herzig my broadcast partner tells us the events of Yom Kippur in Biblical times.

SH: Well you know Jimmy in Leviticus chapter 16 it is outlined so clearly exactly what would happen. And really there was very little that the people did it revolved around the Temple and the High Priest and the things he had to do. They had two goats one was a scapegoat the other was a sacrificial goat. The High Priest would put his hand upon the scapegoat and symbolically place the sins of the Israelites upon that goat and it would be sent off and then he would offer the other one as an offering. And there would be other offerings as well throughout the day. It was a bloody day. But it was a two-fold reminder.

Number one the High Priest had to have a sacrifice. In other words he couldn’t preform his ministry as the intercessor between the people and God unless he was pure and holy. And the only way for him to be pure and holy was to have a sacrifice for himself. Now as a Holy Priest he can represent the nation of Israel and sacrifice and actually go into the Holy of Holies; the only time of the year that the High Priest only once would go in and sprinkle the blood upon the Ark that was there. Nothing like that is done today although it is a very Holy day. I know growing up that they spent over 24 hours fasting. A genuine desire to ask God for forgiveness, there’s liturgy involved listing all of the various sins that almost anyone would commit in a years time and where the congregation in unison admits it falls down before God in prayer and says we’re sorry with the hope that simply praying, doing good work, and fasting that God will forgive us of our sins.

JD: Steve Herzig reporting on Yom Kippur in Biblical times and today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jesus Christ will fulfill the feast of Yom Kippur when he returns to earth.

Hebrews 9:24-28 tells us that in the end of times Jesus Christ will enter the only time he’s ever done it into the Holy of Holies on the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on a future Yom Kippur. This will be the day that national salvation for the Jewish people will take place in one hour, that’s Zechariah 3:9. Without a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem Jews must await the true Messiah in order to celebrate this High Holy Day, Yom Kippur when the High Priest Jesus Christ will indeed enter into the Holy of Holies.