October 11, 2016

Iran has a Children's Theme Park which like the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, are now training Palestinian children to kill Jews, now also Iran is training their young people to kill Jews as well

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JD: Often we talk David, about how the Palestinians there in Israel are training children to hate the Jewish people and then get involved in military activities. Some of their summer camps involved in giving them training, military training. Well I’ve got a headline coming on I want to ask you about it; Iran has a children’s theme park which markets jihad against Israel. They’re training their children as well to want to destroy the Jewish state.

DD: Something they’ve all been doing really. It comes after the example of the Palestinian Authority that is supposedly at peace with Israel.  The Israelis have long complained that Palestinian television encourages children, in particular the children’s shows. They’re own Sesame Street encourages the kids in a less direct way though then what we see in Gaza. In Gaza with Hamas and Islamic jihad we have full open training camps for these kids. A month ago it was on television a graduation ceremony at a kindergarten was used to stage a play where the little children were stabbing Israelis and everybody and the teachers and everybody was applauding and encouraging this sort of behavior.

So again this conflict will certainly never end if five and six year olds are being taught to murder and kill and do it in a brutal way. We’re not talking about military training necessarily; they’re also being encouraged to be jihad warriors, whatever they do in life. So that means they’re creating more quote lone wolves possibly in the future, these young people that will just take action. It’s very very worrisome to the Israelis.

Israel did pull all of its forces out of there and all of its civilians out of there in the answer to the demands of the Palestinians in 2005 and all these years later its still being used as staging grounds for rocket attacks and then for training their young people in the art of jihad war; very sad indeed.

JD: David Dolan our broadcast partner in the Middle East keeps us informed on this key region of the world. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Both the Palestinians and the Iranians are training their children to kill Jews.

God’s prophetic word tells us the Palestinians and that  the Iranians want to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth, that’s Sol 83:4. Bible prophecy also says, that the Iranians and the Palestinians will be defeated in this effort to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

This report on both the Palestinians and the Iranians training children to kill the Jews in the future does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.