October 04, 2018

The leader of the Labour party in Great Britain says that if elected as Prime Minister he will recognize a Palestinian State

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JD: Talk to me about the leader of the Labour party Corbyn he is promising that if he is elected as the Prime Minister he immediately will recognize a Palestinian State. Now he’s laying it right out there and if the people want that they can get him by voting for him.

JR: That’s an excellent point Jimmy that this is truly what he believes but it’s also for him a campaign tactic that will give him some advantage. Being an opposition party they wanted to come out with opposition platform which gives people an alternative. So he’s certainly playing this card very strongly that being pro-Palestinian anti-Israel is going to further his political possibilities. But this is a keynote address that they just had at his party conference so he made it very very clear that they would recognize the Palestinian State immediately. At the same time he sort of kind of backpedaled  against all the allegations of anti-Semitism and just gave that lip service.

People understand where he’s coming from and he’s making a very strong stand and this way they’re in the plenary session they’re waving Palestinian flags etc. They see themselves as an opposition and I believe they’ll continue to stress this. We just spoke about Hezbollah; he’s called Hezbollah their friends. So people are drawing the line on this I don’t believe it will work but he’s giving it all he has.

JD: John Rood on the story from Great Britain that the Labour party candidate if elected as Prime Minister says that he will recognize a Palestinian State.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The truth be known there has never been a Palestinian State. That lie has been stated so many times that people believe it. Bible prophecy does not say there will ever be a Palestinian State. However, Malachi chapter 1 says that the Palestinian people, that would be the Biblical Edomites, the Palestinian people will return. And the Lord in that passage says that their borders will be the borders of wickedness.

Ezekiel 35 says that the Palestinian people will kill Jews and steal their land. And the little book of Obadiah reveals that the Palestinians will be destroyed as if they have never been a people. We are on the pathway to the fulfillment of these prophecies.