September 21, 2018

Parents are not Biblically preparing their children to face the world today

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JD: A couple of weeks ago an article came out on the Town Hall website citing a pew research center report concerning those who identify as religious nones not nuns but nones.

DJ: The title of the article is “Why Young ex-Christians are ex-Christians” according to the latest research. This group describes themselves as nothing in particular when asked to identify themselves with a specific religious group. They ask them why they now reject any religious affiliation and provided these respondence with six possible responses.

JD: What are some of the findings in the report concerning why Christians or maybe we should say church attenders are leaving the church?

DJ:What they found was there were several different reasons that were cited. One was learning about evolution when I went away to college, religion is the opeah of the people which is actually a quote from Carl Marks. Rational thought makes religion go out the window, there’s a lack of scientific support for the evidence of a creator. I just realized somewhere along the line I didn’t buy into it. And another was I’m doing a lot more studying and learning and making decisions for myself rather than listening to someone else.

JD: The author of the article actually dug deeper into the issue and suggested that there was a deeper reason behind what is happening with young Christians.

DJ: Those six specific answers that they could chose from those that they surveyed said that none of those were the most important reason why they left the church. In fact, they didn’t cite any of them as actually being very important. He went back to I believe was a 2016 study that showed the bottom line reason is that they don’t believe that God exists at all. So they basically walked away from the faith because they didn’t have a foundation.

JD: David James with Bible in hand and an explanation of why children are leaving the Biblical faith, of their family, and their church.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

There is a major question that has been asked over and over again. Why are our young people leaving their church and the Biblical faith of their parents? The bottom line seems to be that the parents are not training the children with the Bible and making sure that the child truly understands the word of God is real truth and it’s probable truth for life, that’s II Timothy 3:16.

Galatians 3:16 says a person that allows the word of God to dwell in their hearts richly learns how to really live and how to know the future and how knowing that future helps us to live today.