November 08, 2018

The movie, "Sabotage" is revealing "useful idiots"

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JD: Your brand new movie, I watched the trailer yesterday and that’s a fifteen-minute trailer and now normally a trailer is I guess four or five minutes but man I was glued to it for fifteen-minutes. And it’s somewhat a similar theme to your conference on security is it not, the new movie?

BH: Yes it is. It’s called “Sabotage “ and they can watch the trailer that you watched if they just go And the subtitle is the Islamist and Marxist and the useful idiots destroying America from within. That term useful idiots is not calling someone a name it is a historical term used by Lenin. He said, he would use what he called useful idiots, people who prefer sound or sent and that he would promise them things and that they would use their position as journalist, fake news, media, for any information operation, the inteligencia in the education establishment, the brain washed young people all the way from elementary schools to the universities.

So they would use their position to bring about a revolution thinking they would get some of the power. But historically they were the first ones to go because when they didn’t get any power they would start screaming and hollering and then they would be eliminated or hauled off to a camp or a prison. So they were referred by Lenin as useful idiots. And we have many of them in the media, fake news, and our educational establishment, inteligencia and sadly even in the religious establishment.

And of course the movie Sabotage looks at how the communist have set out to highjack religion and churches, youth Christian colleges, universities and seminaries going all the way back to the 1930s. In fact, Walter Rauschenbusch the father of the Social Gospel Movement said that socialism will not work in an irreligious country. And he helped start the Federal Council of Churches that became the National Council of Churches and he started it with a known Marxist Harry Ward who is know as Harry the red ward. Well today we have a red-green axis the Marxist and now the Islamist and they’ve showed up on the scene working together across the globe and now here in America to destroy they’re shared enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and they’re going to work together in this red-green axis. Red representing Marxism and green the Islamic flag of many Muslim nations. 

JD: Brannon Howse with a movie review on his brand new movie “Sabotage”.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Brannon Howse has a brand new movie that reveals who Satan is using to set up a worldwide Satanic Kingdom. The Bible reveals in Daniel 10:13-20 how Satan uses political leaders to accomplish his worldwide plan. II Corinthians 11:13-15 tells us of how Satan’s use of religious leaders for his end time plan will come into place. That scenario is now in place today.