April 03, 2018

There is a part of the Jewish celebration of Passover, during the Seder period, when Jews are reminded of the coming of the Messiah and His Second Coming

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JD: I know you as a part of your ministry go into churches and wherever you can get a group of Christians together you’ll teach the Passover Seder.

SH: The whole celebration revolves around the Passover meal. He celebrated the Passover and so I think it’s vital that churches understand that Jesus is Jewish his disciples were Jewish. They celebrated a Jewish Feast and as they were gathering around remembering the one time event that took place that is the redemption of after four hundred plus years of slavery they were remembering that one time event. And now Jesus was sitting with his disciples and they were celebrating that memorial.

All those things were looking back at God redeeming his people and now Jesus was seated with his disciples before him he had his face set as the flint the Bible tells us towards Jerusalem and now he was there and now the lamb who God sent was going to the very next day take the sins of the world upon him. He celebrated that Passover and instituted a new memorial but when they remember they’re also looking forward to what the lamb of God to redeem them. He took the sins of the world anybody who trust in Him is forgiven.

And let me if I can give you one example, there is part of a Seder service where there are three Matzoh’s in a bag, it’s always the middle matzah that’s taken always. It’s broken, it’s wrapped, it’s hidden away and it’s brought back. It’s called the afikoman the only Greek word in the Seder service and the Jewish people do it everybody does the afikoman. It’s looked for, searched for, it’s purchased with a price and then everybody partakes. Everybody partakes the rabbi’s say you can’t leave the Seder unless everybody partakes of the afikoman. It means He came. 

When I show that at a church and tell them there’s three matzah’s in one unit it’s always the middle matzah taken it’s always broken, wrapped, hidden away and brought back and it means He came. Who came? Oh, Jimmy the Jewish people without knowing it the middle matzah is the redeemer, He came. Jewish people look for him to come every year at the end of the Seder when He doesn’t come we say next year in Jerusalem.

JD: Steve Herzig with the details behind the Passover Seder.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Steve’s explanation of the Passover Seder brought to our attention the afilkoman relating to the coming of the Messiah and His coming again. As Jesus fulfilled the Passover at the time of his death and his resurrection on the Jewish Feasts of  first fruits Jesus will come to the earth on the Jewish Feasts of Tabernacles. Now that’s not the rapture but the Messiah’s second coming. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all the Jewish Feasts days.