March 09, 2021

Pastors and Christians in America may need a Romans 8:28 moment

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JD: Give me a quick overview of what he had to say and why its so key for the pastors of America.

SR: Well Jimmy one of the great points that he made was we over the past 50 years have lived in an exceptional era of Christianity. Being Christians in the United States of America we have had more liberty and more prosperity and quite frankly we're the only Christians in Biblical history that haven't been persecuted for our faith. As a consequence we've probably gotten a little lazy and a little lethargic. You look throughout church history and whether it be William Tyndale burned at the stake for translating the Scriptures. Whether it be the Separatist in England being persecuted for wanting to have their house church and not wanting to participate in the official Church of England. Or quite frankly whether it be the first church that was continuing to hang around Jerusalem in Acts 8 when God said no I'm sending you into Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria yet they weren't going anywhere. Well God wound up to me using in Romans 8:28 moment and allowing a little persecution on the church to get the people out of their comfort zone and to actually take the gospel into the four corners of the Earth.

We have enjoyed incredible freedom. Being a Christian in America hasn't cost us anything. As a consequence there are probably a lot of people I think you would agree that identify as Christians that probably aren't born again. Now we're coming into a time where Christianity is not in fact we may suffer. It may come at a cost and they are going to do everything they can and are beginning to now with such bills like the Equality Act in Congress to get us to compromise our standards to compromise truth. Dr. Luther had written on this and he spoke to our combined groups we have to be prepared to know what the truth is and be willing to die for it. We cannot compromise on the truth. That begins with Jesus being the way the truth and the life. But we cannot compromise on truth we have to be the light in the darkness. Dr. Luther has of course written on this and has been a real blessing to all the attendees. 

JD: Dr. Paul Blair explaining what a Romans 8:28 moment is all about.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Paul Blair a former lineman for the NFL team the Chicago Bears now a pastor in Oklahoma knows how tough it can be on the playing field for pastors and Christians in the real world today. As the church approaches the time of the Tribulation, a real time of trouble the body of Christ must put on the whole armor of God to stand against the devil, that's Romans 6:12-19. We as Christians must stand for truth.