January 02, 2014

Itamar Marcus, covering the Palestinian Media is going to look back over 2013 and look at a preview for 2014

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Jimmy: Itamar let's back up a couple of years. Was it not the Oslo Accords back in 1993 that gave the capability to the Palestinian people to have a media?

Itamar Marcus: Yes, that is correct. Before the Oslo Accords there wasn't really even a recognition that there was a Palestinian population, there never was a Palestinian people in history, there never was a Palestinian king, or a Palestinian state.

Jimmy: Now, as we look into 2014 will that incitement by the Palestinian media continue on? Do you think that's going to go away, or will it only intensify?

Itamar Marcus: I think it will continue because what we're seeing is not just the media, we're seeing. The media for us is really a window to the Palestinian society, to the Palestinian leadership.

Jimmy: Itamar, you and your team have been monitoring this Palestinian media, in particular the electronic media for a number of years. Does it really play a major role in the conflict?

Itamar Marcus: First of all, it definitely plays a role when it allows the leadership's messages to come to the people. When Mahmoud Abbas who is the head of the PA tells people that he wants a popular uprising, everybody knows what that means, that means he wants stone throwing, he wants molotov cocktails. So, that's a definite way beyond incitement, it's literally giving the people the message that you do want violence, so the media for them is a way to send their messages to the Palestinian population. The PA has been encouraging violence by glorifying violence for a very long time.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Let me remind you that Itamar can only forecast into 2014 based upon his thoughts which would come from his research and his experience in the area of watching the Palestinian media.

However, God's Word is absolute in the area of Bible prophecy on this issue. Let me suggest these prophetic passages with a focus on the Palestinians, the issue that we discussed with Itamar.

Malachi 1 talked about the Edomites, the Palestinian people of today, returning to rebuild. The Palestinian media has been used to incite hate against the Jewish people and when you study Ezekiel 35 you will see mentioned Mount Seir which will be destroyed. That is where Esau went to live, it became Edom and it is the location where the Palestinian people came into existence. May I suggest you look closely at Ezekiel 35:5, 10.

When I asked Itamar about a possible resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I already knew the answer. The little prophetic book of Obadiah tells us that when Jesus Christ comes back the Jewish people will be raised up and destroy the Palestinian people forever.