April 15, 2015

Israeli's prime minister tells United States and European leaders that the Jewish state has sovereignty over Jerusalem

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On a trip to Europe, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear to the United States and European leaders that Israel will not accept any limitations on its sovereignty in Jerusalem, a controversial discussion that has been the focus of both US and EU leaders in the lead up to these important meetings. The prime minister also stressed that normal life in the settlements will need to be assured as both EU leaders as well as the Obama Administration have been pushing Israel to freeze all expansion and construction in the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by the Israeli prime minister to United States and European leaders that the Jewish state has sovereignty over Jerusalem is evidence of the controversy surrounding the holy city as foretold in Bible prophecy. 

The subject of the right for Jews to buy land or build on land located in the eastern section of Jerusalem has been the top of the agenda for a number of world leaders including US President Obama and several European leaders. One leader after another have told Israeli government officials that the Jews do not have the right to move in to what is claimed to be occupied land. Now Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has responded with what is a sovereign state's right to do and what is confirmed by the Bible. 

From the pages of history in God's word as well as the prophetic passages in the Bible the Jews have the absolute right to claim Jerusalem as its sovereign political capital and its spiritual center as well (II Samuel 5 and 6). II Samuel 7 gives to the Jewish people God's promise that King David's people, the Jewish people, will be forever in the city of Jerusalem and that one of his descendants will rule and reign from Jerusalem forever. - that's the Davidic Covenant and that ruler will be Jesus Christ. The Jewish prophet Zechariah foretold of the controversy surrounding the city of Jerusalem that leads up to the return of the Messiah back to the holy city (Zechariah 12:2). 

Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement to United States and European leaders about Jerusalem is indeed backed up by Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.