June 29, 2021

The Palestinians are training children to become soldiers

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JD: I know on an annual bases the Palestinians have summer camps for their children, I mean for children and then for teenagers as well. Each in the past have always taught Islamic jihad. In other words training the children up to be ready to go after the enemy, the Jewish state of Israel. Is it going to be the same agenda for this year as well David?

DD: Oh definitely Jimmy. It breaks my heart to say so because I've actually been to a couple of those camps in the past and of course seeing on television many times the reports of what's being taught and the books. They actually give the kids mock rifles and put them in lines and march them and train them in military activities, militant activities. And of course the most important thing and the saddest part is encourage them to be willing to give their lives as shahids or martyrs in Arabic. Shahids to kill Jews. Just kill Jews not just Israelis but you know all Jews according to a couple of verses in the Quran that they always go to should be killed. So that's a tragedy. The kids are learning terrorism from the start. Not formally in their schools to that degree but the summer camps in more remote locations are always teaching them that. They'll do that again this year. And Jimmy just on Friday a Palestinian man attempted to stab an Israeli in north of Jerusalem in a community there with a knife. But this goes on all the time and again the kids are encouraged to do this sort of stuff.  

JD: David Dolan reporting on how the Palestinians are training children soldiers.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Any nation in our world who is training up a children's army would be condemned by many other world leaders. However the United States is helping pay for these Palestinian summer camps that are actually preparing Palestinian children and teenagers to be ready to enter the armed struggle against the Jewish state of Israel. This scenario is a page out of Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote in chapter 35 verses 5 and 10 that in the end of times the Palestinian people would rise up, kill the Jewish people, and then steal their land. These children soldiers being trained up by the Palestinian leadership in Israel today is basically helping us to see how this prophecy is being played out today in Israel.