June 27, 2018

During the 70th Birthday Year of Israel, Prince William will be the first British Royal to visit the Jewish State in its 70 year history

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JD: Well let’s talk about that itinerary just for a moment. I understand it’s supposed to start in the Old City and they are referring to it as occupied Palestinian territory. Now that phrase is totally wrong but that’s not a good place to start when you’re visiting Israel is it?

WM: Well I think he has a day and a half of actual visits in Israel and then according to the press statement I saw from the government press office the phrase the next days the people in charge will be the British Embassy. Which means that someone how Prince William moves in his mind maybe or at least in the mind of the foreign office from Israel into some never land, which is called as you said occupied Palestinian territories. But he’s going to be in Jerusalem at the very least and I say this with a smile Jimmy, he’s should be in Israeli occupied Jerusalem. There’s no Palestinian occupied territory that I know of. And as we are thankful to the President of the United States even the United States how refrained now from using that type of terminology and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.   

JD: Let me ask the big question, do you think Prince William will actually on behalf of the kingdom of the Great British Empire recognize Jerusalem as did Donald Trump as the political capital of the Jewish State of Israel?

WM: Flat out no Jimmy. But Princes even Kings or Queens do not make political policy of the British Empire or even Great Britain today, that’s made by the government. They’re just figure heads, they have a lot of castles, polo horses, and every once in a while a baby prince or princess. That’s about the best they can do in terms of what you and I Jimmy would call politics or diplomacy. It’s nice that he’s coming. I don’t mind it being the first step in an eventual complete turn about of the British attitude toward Israel but we’re not that overjoyed at the terms and the itinerary and the terminology of this visit.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details behind the first Royal family visit in Israel’s 70-year history.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The British Empire played a key role in the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel starting in 1917. Then the Balfour declaration set the stage for a Jewish State as foretold in Ezekiel chapters 34 & 37. However, the end time events surrounding the British Empire will be different when Great Britain is a part of the revived Roman Empire.