May 14, 2020

Two Popes are in conflict at the Vatican

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JD: The relationship between the former Pope, Pope Benedict and today the present Pope, Pope Francis, Mike talk to me about this relationship between this former Pope and the present Pope. Tell me, how are they getting along?

MG: Previously they were getting along very well until Pope Benedict just released a new publicized autobiography and he said some very disturbing words that would go against Pope Francis. Pope Benedict was the author of the catechism of the Catholic church. So Pope Francis has been the pastoral Pope. In fact many people believe Pope Benedict stepped down because he did not have the gift of pastoring. And so now you see the clash of these two Popes.

Pope Benedict is said to be very conservative because he holds to his historic Catholicism. But Pope Francis being pastoral he wants to be all things to all people. He's actually creating a universal or global religion by eliminating in a doctrinal or dogmatic differences that might keep other religions from coming to form this global religion.

JD: Even though one is more conservative Benedict more conservative than Francis they're both moving in a wrong direction aren't they?

MG: Well they really are and both of them of course have the spirit of antichrist. They deny the words of our Lord Jesus Christ. You know for Pope Francis to say there is no hell, Jesus spoke more about hell than he did about heaven. In fact Jesus came to die on a cross to save people from hell so this is clearly the spirit of antichrist that Pope Francis is speaking in.

JD: Mike Gendron explaining the conflict between two Popes at the Vatican.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Since there are over one billion citizens of this world who profess to be of the Catholic church this report was needed to explain the conflict at the Vatican between the two Popes. One a former Pope, Pope Benedict and the other Pope Francis the present Pope. This conflict is focussed on the traditional doctrines of the Catholic church. A thorough study of the contents of this conflict will show that both Popes deny the truth of the Bible, God's absolute word.

Revelation 17 reveals a false church that will be headquartered in Rome Italy during the first three and a half years of the Tribulation period. This false church will be led by the antichrist mentioned in Revelation 17 as the beast. The conflict at the Vatican between two Popes is indeed setting the stage for the prophecy of Revelation 17 to be fulfilled.