August 14, 2020

The American Church is in a battle with the government

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JD: David there's an on going news story that's gained national attention over the last couple of weeks. It's about John MacArthur and his church defying the State government of California in order to gather for the worship services, give us some details please.

DJ: Well many news outlets have been reporting on this and it's all over Facebook as well, people are commenting and posting. Fox News ran an article that carries this headline, "California Pastor defies coronavirus orders despite threat of arrest, new some not the head of the church". But it's also created a lot of devision within the Christian community including among conservative evangelicals. 

JD: I think it would be helpful to pull this all together and maybe give some ideas about how we can think through this in a way that balances this out and reduces the tensions between believers.

DJ: First of all I think we need to believe the best about one another as believers and give each other the benefit of the doubt. You know I've seen a lot of attacks as I've followed this on Facebook and there's been quite a bit of judging of motives with some on really both sides lobbing grenades at the other side by either challenging their lack of faith and accusing them of operating out of either fear or out of a rebellious spirit. 

There are Godly believers on both side who are doing their best to be biblical. Pastors and elders they're trying to lead their congregations in a way that honors the Lord and cares for their communities and the members in their churches and respects government authorities at the same time. Every church is autonomous and responsible to find that right biblical balance within their own states and communities and have the grace to lovingly agree to disagree if we see things differently. The way we all think about this is evolving you and I included. I think we need to give others room to work through this according to their conscious and we should do it without judging motives. 

JD: David James gives us the details on how the United States churches are in a fight among themselves over the dictates of the government. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mostly State governments are telling churches that they cannot hold their services due to the coronavirus pandemic in the traditional way. It has the church against the government. However, that battle has resulted in churches against churches, a battle that must be resolved. Churches must united to win the world to Jesus Christ. In fact that is the only reason that Jesus has not called for the church at the Rapture. 

II Peter 3:9 tells us that Jesus is not slack concerning His promise of the Rapture but He is not willing that any should parish but all come to know Him in salvation.