August 20, 2020

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for two Presidents

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JD: Should political leaders be chosen on the bases of their gender and or color of their skin or qualifications to hold the office?

SR: You know that as well as I did. You ran for office at one point in your life Jimmy and we are both very concerned about who we elect and I think all Christians really ought to be. But you know the color of ones skin really has very little next to nothing. It ought to be about character. It ought to be about can you believe them and it ought to be about what is their view on the Constitution. Lets face it they are to take an oath to support the Constitution. Well what do they think of the Constitution? What are their policies and their positions? Do they have a fear of God? That's a great one. Is there any fear of God at all? Because if they have no fear of God then their oath to support the Constitution which is a requirement really doesn't mean anything. All of those things are what come up to me.

JD: Actually Sam I've been thinking about something, when we go to that voting booth to elect a President are we not doing that in two people instead of one person? In other words if somebody votes for Biden are we not voting on a President and his Vice President who would then become President, voting for two Presidents at one time?

SR: I think that is a brilliant brilliant question to ask. For someone who believes in truth and has a logical position the answer would be no you can't be just voting for Joe Biden. I think that's very very clear not just on his age at 76. We know not a political thing but Joe is losing a lot of the comprehension. So no, no one expects him to go through four years. So you really are saying who am I logically linking arms with. It would have to be Kamala Harris and therefore then you really have to ask what does she believe and what have her positions been. Frankly when I go down that road as a Constitutionalist and as a Christian I'm saying its the exact opposite direction that I would even want to consider for a moment.

JD: Sam Rohror helping us to understand how a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the next two Presidents. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's report helps us to see how important our vote is in the future. A President is key to that future. Revelation 17:17 reveals that God uses human government to set the stage for His plan, His will to be fulfilled. Therefore we must take serious how we cast our vote not only for President of the United States but all positions of political power. A candidate for any office must set their agenda according to God's word and what it says about abortion, homosexuality and the Jewish State of Israel.