August 27, 2020

Lawlessness in the streets of America could bring down this great nation

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JD: I happen to believe if the pastors don't stand up, if the people in the churches don't stand up to this lawlessness and it continues and it expands that would bring down America. Would you agree with that statement?

SR: It will not only bring down America as the defender of freedom that is around the world the ability to preach the gospel freely will be lost and persecution will be at the door. The only way to describe where we are is like Christ Himself described the end days and that is marked by lawlessness. Lawlessness in the streets are clear we can see that. The port lands of the world and that kind of thing. But lawlessness in the streets is being preceded by lawlessness in positions of civil authority. So in the past our courts when they ruled that marriage was not God's definition or killing a baby was ok. That really is lawlessness in the course because its rejecting the authority of God. 

What's happening now across the country is that the Governors, the Executive Branch is making law. Anybody that knows the Constitution knows that can't be, well it is happening. The Governors, the Executive Branch, the Bureaucrats are making law which is specifically reserved for the Legislator. That is by definition lawlessness. The result of it is that all of these different things we're talking about is a result of throwing off standards. The first when it comes to assembly and church. The bottom line we said it's time for pastors to step up and say no pastors should speak into this because lawlessness is sin. The Bible speaks about sin. The Bible speaks about lawlessness. But the Bible also speaks clearly about authority and that God is the authority and He gives authority to Jesus Christ before whom all will bow one day the individual, the family, the home, and the civil government all will bow beneath the feet of Jesus Christ because that is the authority structure that God has placed before us. Our founders were wise enough to take and model that and put it into our Constitution with the balance of power. Judicial, Legislative and Executive. But when one of those throws off God's pattern you have lawlessness.

JD: Sam Rohror explaining why lawlessness must be stopped here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam mentioned what Jesus said about lawlessness in the scriptures. In the Olivet Discourse a prophetic message Jesus said that lawlessness would abound in the last days. In that message Jesus was speaking in particular of the time of the Tribulation between the Rapture of the church and His second coming. Today we are seeing the precursor for the fulfillment of that prophecy.