August 31, 2020

Turkey has become a threat to the United Arab Emirates even as the Turkish President Erdogan prepares to take control of the city of Jerusalem

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JD: The United Arab Emirates, the UAE sees Turkey as a threat.

KT: We saw the UAE clashing with Turkey and Qatar already during the Libyan Civil War. We've seen increasingly as the United Arab Emirates has sided with a moderate group of Arab states. The UAE has openly pledged to have diplomatic relations and the Saudis are not very far behind. Qatar is the hardline state with Turkey that is resisting any relationship with Israel that is supporting the Muslim brotherhood trying to subvert its neighbors. The UAE is now declaring openly that Turkey is a hostile state.

JD: Tayyip Erdogan produced a video that shows he wants to control the city of Jerusalem. That is going to bring a conflict about between Turkey and Israel. 

KT: Absolutely Jimmy. This is just again indicative of the game plan of Tayyip Erdogan that he wants to become the leader of the Islamic caliphate and that the goal of the Islamic caliphate is to become the ruler of Jerusalem and to become the head of the Islamic world, that is Erdogan's goal. So in the promotional video which shows a Hollywood type scenes of Ottoman warriors on horse back riding across desert plains and mountains and slaughtering their enemies. They end up where? Praying in the mosque that the Muslim emperors have built up on the Temple Mount. It ends with a aerial view just so you don't confuse what they're doing showing the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque. It shows a level of hubris which we have not seen in a Turkish leader in hundreds of years.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on why Turkey is a threat to the UAE even as the Turkish President is preparing to take control of the city of Jerusalem. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Turkey's President Erdogan not only wants to revive the Ottoman Empire but his real goal is to control the city of Jerusalem as the Ottoman Empire did for some 400 years. That control of Jerusalem is the plan for the Islamic world as well. However God's plan for Jerusalem is a bit different as foretold in Psalm 132, Zechariah 6:12 & 6:13. God's plan will prevail.