March 28, 2006

Israeli PM Ariel Sharon is absent from Israel's elections but his presence is felt

Lying comatose in the hospital in Jerusalem, PM Ariel Sharon is absent from the political arena, but his presence is and has been felt in these elections today that will decide who will lead the Jewish state into the future.

Israel's borders are closed to Palestinians and Israeli security officials have placed the entire state on high alert in anticipation of a terrorist attack by a Palestinian radical group hoping to disrupt election day in Israel. The latest polls show that no political party will win enough seats to be able to vote into power their party's candidate for Prime Minister, but instead will be called upon to form a coalition government to lead Israel into the future.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The fact that national elections are being held in Israel today is evidence that Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled and will be fulfilled in the near future.

Within a month or two, the entire political landscape changed here in Israel with Ariel Sharon, one of the founders of the Likud political party, resigning from the leadership of his party and forming an altogether new political party.

Even though PM Sharon lies unconscious in a hospital bed here in Jerusalem, his presence is being highly felt throughout the entire political spectrum of Israel. Human government is an institution set in place by the Lord Himself some 4,500 years ago and recorded in Genesis 9:6. God uses human government to lead this world towards his plan for mankind; that's Revelation 17:17.

God has been regathering the Jewish people into the land that He has promised them, and He restored this regathered people into a nation; that's Ezekiel 34, 37:1-14. The Lord has a plan for His chosen people; a plan that will be played out according to God's prophetic scenario in His Word.

Election day in Israel is a sign that Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.