March 31, 2006

A member of the Hamas-led Palestinian government says the Koran is their constitution and Jihad their future

As the newly elected Palestinian Authority (PA) parliament approved the Hamas-led cabinet, a member of the parliament stood and said that the Koran is the constitution for the new PA government, Jihad or 'holy war' is their way, and death for the sake of Allah is their highest aspiration.

Chanting 'Allah is greatest' after the vote, Hamas parliamentarians hugged and kissed Ismail Haniyeh, the PA Prime Minister who vowed never to abandon the fight against Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by a Palestinian Authority (PA) parliamentary member that the Koran is the Palestinian constitution and Jihad or 'holy war' is their plan, is a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days. World leaders have voiced concern about the election of the PA parliament that included an overwhelming majority of Hamas members.

The concern has been that Hamas, a recognized terror group, would use its philosophy of 'holy war' in the Palestinian struggle against Israel. Hamas has said continually that they will never recognize the right of the Jewish people to have a state in the Middle East. Hamas has also vowed to see an end to the present Jewish state and to take all the land as a Palestinian state. This report is indeed a page out of a prophetic scenario found in the ancient Jewish prophecies.

The prophet Malachi foretold that the Edomites, the descendants of Esau or in other words the Palestinian people today, would rebuild a nation in the land of Israel in the Last Days; that's found in Malachi 1:3-4. This prophetic passage also says that God will call their borders the borders of wickedness and that God will have indignation against these people forever. The ancient Jewish prophet, Ezekiel said in Ezekiel 35 that these descendants of Esau, the Palestinians, will be judged for killing the Jewish people and taking the land that God had given to the Jewish people; that's Ezekiel 35:5, 10-13.

A call for Jihad or 'holy war' by a member of the Hamas-led Palestinian government is indeed a page out of Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.