April 11, 2006

Hamas says Israel has declared war on the Palestinians

Even as the European Union(EU) foreign ministers voted to halt all funding of the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority(PA), the Israeli government suspended formal security ties to Palestinian government led by the Islamic militant group, Hamas, which Hamas leaders say amounts to a declaration of war against the Palestinian people.

Thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza protesting Western aid cuts and the spike in Israeli military strikes since the election victory by Hamas and their taking control of the PA in late March.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by the Hamas-led PA that Israel had declared war against the Palestinian people has a political significance for today and a prophetic significance for a future tomorrow. The announcement by the Israeli government that they had suspended formal security ties to the PA government amounted actually to a declaration of war according to the Hamas-led PA.

This political scenario that is being played out by Israel and the PA is edging closer and closer to a prophetic scenario between these two peoples for the Last Days. Genesis 25:23 records the words of God to the mother of twin boys, Esau and Jacob. First, God told the boys mother, Rebecca, that the two boys would become nations; and second, God told Rebecca that they would fight each other throughout all generations.

Esau became the Palestinian people of today and Jacob, the Jewish people of our day. Malachi, the ancient Jewish prophet, said that God would protect the Jewish people and have indignation against the Palestinians forever; that's Malachi 1:3-4. Another Jewish prophet, Obadiah revealed that in the Last Days, God would make the Jews the fire and the Palestinians the stubble or the kindling and the Palestinians would be devoured by the Jewish people and that would be forever; that's found in Obadiah 16-18.

The Hamas claim that Israel has declared war against the Palestinian people is indication that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.