May 12, 2006

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will work to revive the failed EU Constitution

In her first speech to the German Parliament on European policy, the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said that the European Union's (EU's) greatest challenge is making it clear to ordinary citizens of Europe that they benefit from the EU's increased integration and expansion.

Merkel said when Germany takes over the EU's rotating prediency in 2007 it would work to promote the EU Constitution because Europe absolutely needs the Constitution to ensure the EU is effective and capable of action in our world today. Merkel believes that Europe needs to flex its economic muscles and prove it is capable of action on the world stage.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A call by Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel to ratify the EU Constitution is actually a page from Bible prophecy for the Last Days. The failure of national referendums in France and the Netherlands to ratify the EU Constitution threw the EU into one of its most dificult periods in its 50 year history.

German Chancellor Merkel says that when Germany takes the presidency of the EU, they will work to promote the EU Constitution and its ratification. Merkel says that Europe must mount a world policy according to its own values.

Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet of 2,500 years ago, when the old Roman Empire would be revived in chapter 7 of his prophecy, Daniel spoke of the revived Roman Empire coming into place during the time of great Middle East conflict, when a world leader was needed to bring peace to this troubled area. Prophectically, the Rapture of Christians will be next, then the revived Roman Empire comes to power and out of the revived Roman Empire, a world dictator.

The ratification of the EU constitution that Counselor Merkel wants to see happen indeed is a page out of Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.