May 22, 2006

Iraqi newspapers are calling for another dictator to replace the newly formed Iraqi government

Newspapers in Iraq received the announcement of a new government with a mixture of fear and resignation. In fact, several Iraqi newspapers are calling for a dictator, howbeit a benevolent dictator, to bring this war torn Middle Eastern country under control.

The consensus in the Iraqi media is that the sectarian and ethnic divisions within the new cabinet, approved finally after five months of heated debates in the parliament and ever increasing violence in the streets, is doomed to fail from the start.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The new Iraqi government is up and running; however, there are many Iraqis calling for a benevolent dictator to take charge of their war torn nation, which basically is a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days. The democratic process in the Islamic nation of Iraq finally brought a government into place to lead this war torn nation into the future, or did it?

Right on the heels of PM Maleki's announcement of his new cabinet, many of the major newspapers in Iraq fear that their new Iraqi government will be short-lived and the nation will be plunged into more intense sectarian violence, even into a full blown civil war. There are more and more Iraqis calling for the return of a dictator to bring Iraq under control. This report is almost word-for-word a page out of Bible prophecy.

The Jewish prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah reveal that Iraq will be a major power in the Last Days in the Middle East. This nation will be known by its biblical name, Babylon, that's found in Isaiah 13-14 and Jeremiah 50 and 51. The New Testament prophet John the Apostle wrote Revelation 18 which says that the Antichrist, a world-wide dictator and by the way not a benevolent dictator, will come to power in Babylon, modern-day Iraq.

The Iraqi newspapers calling for a dictator to bring peace and quiet to their nation is indeed a page out of Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.