May 03, 2006

Israel's 58th Independence Day Celebrated

Israel marked its 58th birthday with independence day celebrations across the country with visits to military installations, family picnics, and scores of gatherings where Israelis came together to recall the historic events in the brief history of their Jewish state.

Politicians noted that with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, Jewish independence lost 2,000 years earlier was restored in the land of Israel, the birthplace of the Jewish people. Israeli political leaders, including PM Olmert, are upbeat on the future of the Jewish state even in light of the threats to Israel's existence coming from various sectors of the Arab and Islamic worlds, threats of annihilation, and the taking of the land of Israel from the Jewish people.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As the Jewish nation of Israel celebrates its 58th birthday, the world has tangible evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled as it has been in the past. Unique in the world today has been the restoration of a Jewish nation among the nations of the world, the reestablished Jewish state of Israel 58 years ago by a vote of the other nations for such to happen.

As one celebrates Israel's 58th birthday, or even acknowledges that the Jewish people once again have a state of their own, the world can see tangible evidence that God's prophetic Word has been fulfilled, and that all remaining prophecies concerning the Jewish people will be fulfilled as well.

The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel wrote some 2,500 years ago that God would find where the Jews had been scattered, gather them into the land of their forefathers, and make them to prosper in the land, that's Ezekiel 34:11-31. Ezekiel 36 records some 35 times that the Lord would give the Jewish people their land and that He would do that, not because they were Jewish, but for His Holy namesake, that's Ezekiel 36:22. These passages in Ezekiel are only a small portion of prophetic passages that promise the Jewish people a land and a state forever.

Israel's 58th birthday is indeed evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

Independence Day greetings to the Jewish communities in the Diaspora

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