July 12, 2006

Israeli PM Olmert declares Hezbollah action at Northern border an act of war

A second front has been opened on Israel's Northern border as Hezbollah, under a barrage of Katyusha rockets and border shells, kidnapped two more Israeli Defense Force troops and Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Ehud Olmert declared the attack an act of war, also saying that Israel's response will be very, very painful.

PM Olmert also singled out Syria for sharp criticism saying that Syria has proven to be a state which sponsors terror organizations with the leadership of Hamas based in Damascus and the fact that Syria facilitates all of Hezbollah's terrorist activities.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Israel has accused Syria of sponsoring terrorism and terror groups that are presently attacking Israel from the North and the South; a declaration of war according to Israel's Prime Minister, and this report is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. Within one month, Israel has come under attack at its Southern border and now its Northern border by Islamic fundamentalist terror organizations that have a connection to Syria.

Hamas in the South kidnapped an IDF soldier and now Hezbollah in the North has kidnapped two IDF soldiers, which has prompted Israel to move with force on both fronts. Both Hezbollah and Hamas are dependent on Israel to be able to mount their terrorist activities. The head of Hamas in headquartered in Damascus and the Syrian government continues to facilitate all of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel. All of this terror aggression against the Jewish state of Israel is evidence that Bible prophecy is closer to being fulfilled.

Daniel 11 names Syria, described as the king of the North, as the leader of the nations that will come against the Jewish state in the End Times. By leader, I mean the first state in the Middle East to attack Israel, then to be followed by Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Libya and others, that according to Daniel 11:40-44.

Israel fighting in the North and in the South, and with the Syrian connection on both fronts, there is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.