July 26, 2006

Saudi King Abdullah: Israeli arrogance could cause the entire Middle East to be engulfed in war

Saudi King Abdullah appealed to the world to stop the Israeli Defense Force attacks on Lebanon saying that if peace moves fatal, the Middle East could be engulfed in a full blown war.

The king said that he was giving warning to the world that if the option of peace fails as a result of Israeli arrogance, then the only option remaining will be war, and the king said God alone knows what the region would witness in a conflict that would spare no one.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Saudi King Abdullah's statement that the Middle East could be engulfed in war is correct. That will happen, but not because of the arrogance of the Israeli military, that is according to Bible prophecy. Saudi King Abdullah's warning to the world, in truth, a veiled threat to Israel that if the IDF does not stop its attacks on Lebanon, the entire Middle East could be engulfed in war. This indeed is a page out of Bible prophecy.

Saudi Arabia, the richest nation in the Arab-Islamic world, is a major player, not only in the Middle East region, but in reality throughout the entire world, because they are the number one oil producing nation in the world. When the Saudi king gives a warning of a major Middle East war, people including leaders of the world take notice as they should.

The Psalmist wrote many years ago that Saudi Arabia would be one of the key players in the End Time events in the Middle East, that's found in Psalm 83:6 where the Saudis are referred to as the Ishmaelites. Remember, Ishmael went to live in Arabia almost 4,000 years ago, that's Genesis 25:18. And Mohammed, the founder of Islam who lived in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, said that he was a direct descendant of Ishmael. Psalm 83 also lists other nations that will join with Saudi Arabia to cut off the Jewish state from being a nation, which is what they intend to do according to Psalm 83:4. These nations include: Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iraq among others.

Saudi King Abdullah's warning of a region wide Middle East war is a scenario in Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.