August 14, 2006

Israeli officials doubt that the shaky cease-fire in effect today will actually hold for very long.

The Israeli government says they intend to abide by the cease-fire that went into effect early Monday morning even though senior Israeli officials assume that Hizbullah will not honor it.

There are also questions as to whether Hizbullah will disarm in light of word coming out of Iran of the disappointment expressed by the ruling body, the Supreme Council, who is calling for Hizbullah to continue the fight.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A shaky cease-fire between Israel and the terrorist group that promised to wipe Israel off the map is stage-setting for a scenario found in Bible prophecy for these same players.

Iran, the state sponsor of the Islamic terrorist group Hizbullah, is very concerned that their six billion dollar investment in Katusha rockets at Israel's northern border has been depleted to a large degree without an absolute victory over the Jewish state. The fact that a cease-fire is in effect, even as shaky as it seems to be, is not the end game that the Supreme Council, the ruling body of Iran, wanted to see after this last month of war against the Zionist state. There is still a major question as to whether Hizbullah will disarm and come under the United Nations peace-keeping force that is scheduled to move into the buffer zone south of the Litani River in Lebanon.

A lull in the conflict is what the Arab world refers to as a "Hudna" which is a so called cease-fire which allows for them to regroup, re-arm and then re-engage in fighting. Bible prophecy describes this type of scenario for the last days as a pseudo-peace and is established by the anti-Christ to start the seven day Tribulation period. When that peace agreement is confirmed (Daniel 9:27) then the Jewish nation feels at peace and lays down their weapons (Ezekiel 38: 8-11). It is at this point that the way is open for Israel's enemies to attack in full force.

Many observers of the Middle East say that Israel's agreement to this cease-fire has shown weakness, false security and is an invitation for aggressive action from their enemies.