September 11, 2006

As America and the world remembers 9-11, Al Qaeda warns of another attack

Al Qaeda's number two leader Al Zawahiri called on Muslims to increase their resistance to the US on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks and warned the US of another attack.

The Al Qaeda leader said the days are pregnant and giving birth to new events with Allah's permission and guidance and that the US should worry about their presence in the Persian Gulf and in addition they should worry about Israel. The recently released Al Qaeda video tape showed images of two of the terrorists involved in 9-11 superimposed over background pictures of the crumbling World Trade Center towers and the burning of the Pentagon.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The reality of Al Qaeda following through on its threats to attack America again and US interest in Israel and Iraq is a page out of Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

As America and the world stop to remember the horrific attack on the US September 11, 2001, a newly released videotape from Al Qaeda warns of additional attacks on America and her interest in the Middle East including Iraq and Israel. Al Qaeda's number two, Al Zawahiri, includes in his video message a call for the Muslim world to intensify its resistance and prepare for more attacks against the US. The fact that Al Zawahiri mentioned both Israel and Iraq in his warning to America has a definite relationship to a scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

Al Qaeda's number one, Osama Bin Laden, has called for an Islamic world empire, a caliphate, to be setup and headquartered in Iraq which has great prophetic significance with Joel, an ancient Jewish prophet, first revealing that a mighty military will attack Israel, Joel 2:2-3, and John the Apostle in the New Testament book of Revelation chapter 18 indicating that biblical Babylon, which is modern-day Iraq, will be the headquarters for a Satanic regime that wants to destroy not only a Jewish state, but all Jewish people.

The backbone of America today is the truly born-again Christian and when the Rapture takes place, when all Christians will depart the earth, it will leave America no longer a superpower and the force that stops Satan's embassaries from going after the Jews as Al Qaeda has warned.