September 27, 2006

Israel is charging Syria with rearming Hezbollah and Egypt with smuggling arms to the Palestinians in Gaza

As the UN peacekeepers are moving into Southern Lebanon to setup a buffer between Israel and Hezbollah, there is clear evidence according to Israeli intel that Syria is continuing to rearm Hezbollah with weapons from Iran passing through the Bekah Valley to the terrorist fighters.

At the same time according to the head of Shin Bet, the Israeli Security Agency, Egypt is allowing the smuggling of arms and munitions across the Egyptian-Israeli border into the Gaza Strip and often it's Egyptians that are the smugglers. Ironically, Egypt is calling for the release of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldier held by Hamas and is working to bring about a Palestinian unity government.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Egypt, at Israel's Southern border and Syria, at Israel's Northern border will play a key role in current events and future events according to Bible prophecy.

Even though Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel, normalization of relations between the two nations has never materialized. Syria has had a cease-fire with Israel since the 1973 war and often talked about a peace agreement, but the issue of the Golan Heights has always been a non-starter for Israel. With the aggressive statement recently by Syrian President Bashur Asaad that Syria will liberate the Golan Heights by force if need be, tension is growing between Israel and Syria.

Both Egypt and Syria have been involved in many wars with Israel and current events seem to be setting the stage for future events, prophetic events to come to past. The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel prewrote history 2,500 years ago when he wrote in Daniel 11:40-43 that Egypt, the king of the South in the passage, and Syria, the king of the North, will move to eliminate the Jewish state near the time of the End, the time of the return of Jesus Christ's back to the earth.

Egypt's arms smuggling and Syria's rearming of Hezbollah and the threat to liberate the Golan Heights is indeed setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.