September 18, 2006

Palestinian Islamic leaders are calling on Pope Benedict to convert to Islam in order to spare his life

Islamic and Arab national leaders, many Muslim clerics, and thousands of Muslims throughout the Islamic world have denounced Pope Benedict for his comments in a recent speech where he quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor who said that the Muslim prophet Mohammad had only brought evil and inhumane events to the world.

Now, Palestinian Islamic leaders are calling for the Pope to not only apologize for his comments, but seek forgiveness, and they say according to the words of the prophet Mohammad, the Pope must convert to Islam if he wants to spare his life. The Vatican has beefed up the security around the Pope, even as they released Pope Benedict's statement of apology for offending the Muslim world with his statement that he says do not reflect his beliefs.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A conflict between Pope Benedict and the Islamic world is only evidence of the stage being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The firestorm that was sparked by Pope Benedict's statements and his call for an open dialogue with the Islamic world on the subject of Jihad, Islamic holy war, has grown to the extent that some Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organizations are saying that the Pope may have well sparked the war between Islam and the rest of the world. Statements and threats being made by the Muslim world seem to be proving the Pope's thesis about Jihad, Islamic holy war. For sure, this controversy is setting the stage for an End Times scenario that can be found in Bible prophecy.

As Jesus said, before He returns to the earth, people will rise up to fight people, kingdom against kingdom, that's Matthew 24:6-7. The Devil, in the End Times, will use nations and even religious philosophies to take over the world and become it's ruler, and that's revealed in Revelation 13. The Devil's desire to be the God of the universe will be brought to an end when Jesus Christ returns to setup His Kingdom, a theocracy, and He, not a Satanic religion will rule the world forever.

The controversy between Pope Benedict and Islam is evidence that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.