October 05, 2006

An Israeli company has discovered oil in the Dead Sea area

Dr. Eli Tenenbaum, an official from Genco, the national company responsible for drilling in the Dead Sea area, says they have discovered oil in the amount of oil that could reach commercial levels.

Tenenbaum said that the pressure in the area was very high and when they opened the tap, oil started flowing freely for several minutes, enough so that the workers washed their hands with the "black gold" they had discovered. Not far from the drilling site, the crew spotted an oil reserve that Tenenbaum described as "very attractive," which they believe contained between four and six million barrels of oil worth an estimated 300 million dollars.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The report of oil being discovered in the Dead Sea area of Israel has an interesting prophetic significance for the End Times according to Bible prophecy.

For years there have been reports of oil exploration taking place in Israel, first in the Dead Sea area, and also on the Mediterranean Coast between Tel Aviv and Hydra. Most of these reports were made by oil men with a Christian background, men who believed that the Lord, with the use of scripture, had led them to their drilling site. Now, an Israeli national oil company is reporting this discovery that has great potential. In fact, some petroleum engineers believe that there is a major oil fill in the Dead Sea area that could be a major producer in the near future. Many of the Middle Eastern oil producing nations are concerned that Israel could siphon off oil from their oil fill, especially if Israel was to take oil from the lowest spot on the earth, the Dead Sea, which could affect the oil supplies of these other nations.

Prophetically there is a connection, that connection found in Ezekiel 38 where it reveals the alignment of nations who come against Israel in the Last Days, all of which are oil producing nations.

Ezekiel 38:4, 12, 13 speak about the attraction for these nations to come against Israel to take a spoil, and indeed oil could be that spoil.